Saturday, November 20, 2010

chapter 1 part one

Walking by the distance of life seems to be too short. An immortal of being leaving vomited out through the soul. Imagination could be so imagine as been expected. The blindness gets blind as well as the richest get rich. The whole rotation seems impossible to stop. The corruption of power, the flaws of jurisprudence, disobey of citizens like sort of tunnel do not have bright lights. The overcoming of this problem like put your tongue over the salt, it always feels salty never feel sweets or bitters. Neither the reformation nor transformation needs to be indulgence as soon as possible. The possibility throughout the infertility the new good governance has to erode. Embarking the whole procedure, and kill all the missing thing on the way is very selfishness. The composition of adequate common sense is relieving. Common sense become an over powering material. The sense could hear miles away, away and being seen by the shit and the opponents of bastards. Senses that could taste bitter, bitterness enormous than ever. The smelly of real politic never being beautiful. As you are tense by it, it never felt sorry. The crawling of hearts, the crushing of feeling, never get stop. Only the real man can accept it and the rest will cope down being a matured. Try to learn more, see more and hear more. Less from this, they are waiting to die!