Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chapter 1 part two

Beheading by the window of life sees the vigorous of plain people walks, runs, stares and even cries. Laugh for nothing. The perception of us is like put your hand in the fire. When you are feeling hot, you will remove before you extinct it. Yes, it’s true. That the perception. Perception that we create being accumulate with cycle of life. The easiest thing is create the perception. The hardest thing is to change the perception. The perception change need a super power degeneration of whole consumption with the great amplitude of hopeless than we ever think. The permeable of our behavior seems too conscious. Why? It’s happened because of our sake, actually. What do you think, is not being implemented with what you do. What you feel is not match with what you have, what you taste is not suit with what you favor. So what the rule to make? What decision should take? What duties have to count? It’s all depending on you. The good governance should being conduct by good insanity. If we felt the humiliating is important, just shut up!

Poem; sky is green

Merely sky is green

How far?

To end the life like this

Even to the poor

Richest it takes

Blind can see

Seeing being dark

Dark is always good, why?

Sky is not green yet

Merely sky is green