Saturday, November 20, 2010


Malaysia is rich with their natural resources. It is lucky to have good condition of earth surface that not interact with the natural disaster that enormous. Malaysia topography and climate is very beautiful added with various Malaysian citizens live in harmony. The complexity of races gives the offense of kinds in cultural, arts and communication. The behavior of Malaysians will be valued by their races and adherence they need to be. This variable gives different consequence in ideology. These scenarios create various essences in politics color and taste. If it not exists, it’s just like book without its content.
Democracy being held perfectly by Malaysian citizens and being accepted thoroughly by upper and lowered class people although there are people disliked, the percentage is low. By then, democracy being spit off when there are politicians had their own significances. Publics being puppets for elections and the goodness paired to the unseen shadow. The sincerity and honesty of politicians nowadays have to argue. As Malaysians, we have to know and interfere for our loving and harmony country. Truthiness and liberty to speak and writes have get an attention. Malaysian that cannot get the right information trapped with the social tactic in media usage occasionally as an agent. These are burden need to cope by the leaders when they want to cover the elephant carcass with the leaf, if they wanted to cover the truthiness.
Therefore, Malaysian have to stress in various readings and make their own evaluation based on the right facts and thinking. We believed in eternity of life in afterlife. Truthiness and wrongness will be concealed there. But the early step might be given by God with the signal need to give an intention. This is a clue to us for not to go astray. Leader affects his people. If they are good, so may the people. If they are bad, so may the people. keep thinking...